Entry Seven – Assignment Synopsis

For this assignment I will be looking into the wonderful world of supermarket retail.  More importantly I’ll be looking at the inner workings of an actual store in order to recreate the mood and feel of what it is like to actually work for a supermarket through the visual of film.

This is a massive amount of work to undertake because the inner workings of a supermarket are extremely chaotic especially during the time that I will be filming in such a store.

Figure1 – Iceland Logo, logo-downloads.com, 2017

For this assignment I will be allowed access to film within the Doagh Road Iceland Frozen Foods Supermarket.  I will be looking into recreating every aspect of an employees life while working for the company.  The video at its core is for promotional material that Iceland can use at job fairs and conferences that I myself have been a part of in the past.

Iceland is a continuously evolving company and is constantly evolving with the times in both media and in how they present themselves to the public.  Last year they went through a 50 Million pound re-brand.

I myself am quite lucky in my approach to this assignment as I have been an employee of Iceland for seven years and have many insights on how the day to day running’s of the company take place as well the knowledge of what many role roles require.

Figure2 – Big Best Company to Work for, Iceland.co.uk, 2017

Iceland have always been serious about their staff to the point that they have won Best Big Company to work for twice and been regularly featured in the top ten.

Figure 3 – Delivery Driver, By Chris Brown, 2016

Why Iceland?

For this assignment I’ll be recreating ‘A day in the Life of Iceland’ in order to show the inner workings of the front line floor staff who make the most effort and do the most amount of work.  Often underappreciated these are the people that get up at five in the morning to get in to stock the sleeves and make the store presentable for the public coming in at eight in the morning.  Then there is the delivery drivers who are often pushed for time and have to carry entire amounts of shopping up multistory apartment blocks in often what seems like a thankless job.  My emphasis will be on showing the chaos and the realism of working in retail.  Showing a bit of heart and spirit behind the workers of Iceland much like I have done in previous projects like a Podcast I created in Level 3.

Cover 1.png
Figure4 – Retales Podcast Cover for Level 3, Chris Brown, 2015

In essence this is like me going back and creating something for Iceland using a different more accessible medium where I can really show a part of what Iceland actually is visually.

If you check the Iceland website you’ll find that a lot of their career information isn’t really applicable to front line workers but also not an accurate representation of them.

Figure5 – Careers, Iceland.co.uk, 2017

The major difference is that the staff in my video will be comfortable to be themselves, and work the way they normally do unlike the videos that Iceland have done using specifically planted employees and professional public relation firms.  My belief is that I can take any member of any store and show the real side of Iceland that isn’t fake.  The real Iceland Family.

The Video

The Iceland Promotional Video Concept will be based around the day in the life of the Iceland worker focusing on all the available job roles, starting from the morning and going into the night.


Cleaner – One of the first employees in the store, cleaning the store and checkouts

Duty Manager – Being in the store in the morning to get the chilled covers up and to check the bread, do store walks, and to restock defrosted freezers.  They also get the checkouts out for the day and wait for the bread and milk delivery before opening the store.

Checkout Staff – When the store opens checkout operators do a hefty amount of the work processing customer in and out of the store.

Delivery Driver – When you spend over twenty five pound in Iceland you can have your shopping delivered for free.  These drivers take the shopping in red crates to the homes of customers.

Home Delivery Coordinator – Manages the delivers at the checkout and makes sure that the crates are stored properly in chillers and freezers out the back so that they remain fresh and in the right time slots.  They also work with the digital system to make sure that each time slot has the right amount of time so that the driver can realistically do their jobs.

Stock Control – These workers break down the stock that enters the store into cages and then puts it out onto the floor, then relisting and finding any ‘offsales’ and ‘Lows’, at the end of the night they face off the store so it is presentable for the next day.  Stock Control is split into three sections; Grocery, Frozen, and Chilled.

Video Breakdown

Morning – Morning Staff, Deliveries, and Cleaning

Lunch – Checkouts, Home Deliveries, and Break Room

Evening – Packing out and the breaking down of Deliveries into Cages

Night – Last Home Deliveries, Closing of the store, Facing off

Other shots include Exteriors


Figure1 – Iceland (supermarket) logo, logotype. All logos, emblems, brands pictures gallery.. 2017. Iceland (supermarket) logo, logotype. All logos, emblems, brands pictures gallery.. [ONLINE] Available at: http://logos-download.com/6412-iceland-supermarket-logo-download.html. [Accessed 03 January 2017].

Figure2 – Welcome to Iceland Foods. 2017. Welcome to Iceland Foods. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.iceland.co.uk/best-big-company-to-work-for-in-the-uk/. [Accessed 03 January 2017].

Figure5 – Luke Barber, Iceland Foods Ltd. 2017. Iceland Careers – Working at Iceland. [ONLINE] Available at: http://jobs.iceland.co.uk/working-at-iceland/. [Accessed 03 January 2017].


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