Entry Eleven – Production

In the editing of this video I aim to create a a video that would be fast paced and energetic, however what I noticed throughout filming and collecting the footage was that shots tended to drag on.  One home delivery would take up the guts of 40 seconds, while a single transaction on a checkout would also be quite time consuming averaging at around 30-50 seconds in length.  Without anything meaningful happening on screen I did not believe that what I was representing would be interesting enough for anyone to stop and watch.  That is where editing comes into the scene.  For the most part my video would have text and no voice over but I had to keep the viewer occupied.  To do this I have to constantly keep changing the scene in interesting ways.

Picture in Picture

I am a big fan of shows like 24 and Fargo.  These two televisions shows brought back in the whole picture in picture effect where you would lay videos side by side to keep the action interesting or to show events happening at the same time.  In 24 this is done to show events happening at the same time in a different location and in Fargo it is done in pretty much the same way.  It is often used in trailers for such television shows and it was something that interested me deeply as picture in picture effects are often seen as a taboo.  You run the risk of confusing or annoying your audience if you use these too often or over a long period of time.

This opening to Fargo is my biggest inspiration for my own promotional video and is most certainly worth a watch.

If my finished promotional video takes any criticism it will most likely be from over use of the picture in picture effect.  However I make it my case that the picture in picture effect is key to what I am trying to achieve.  It shows the truly chaotic operations of a supermarket store where many actions are happening at once that allow the store to operate, everyone working alongside each other throughout the building allows it to continue functioning.  The people on the floor would have no work to do if the people upstairs weren’t loading products into cages, and the Home delivery driver would have no deliveries if the coordinators weren’t doing there jobs.  By showcasing this in the way that I have it allows me to show how all the working parts of the company depend on each other.


My story flow allows for breaks in the fast paced transitions though.  The music I have picked out for this allows for the soft opening, a soft break in the middle, before ending softly too.  It allows me to continually showcase the same method of telling the story without it becoming too much for the viewer to enjoy.  I also hope to create contrast between my sequences by using this effect.


I have chosen to go with a free song from the group Efterklang’s 2010 album Magic Chairs.  I believe that both the pacing of the song and the lyrics accurately represent the tone of the video I am creating.


The whole audio of the promotional video will be using Non-Diegetic sound so essentially just this piece of music.  You can download the song ‘Modern Drift’ direct from their band-camp for free;


Full disclosure however, this song is not to my knowledge Royalty Free.  My reasoning behind picking this piece of music even though it is not Royalty free is because Iceland are a massive company that spend millions every year re-branding and creating content like this.  When I provide this piece of content to them they would have the resources to get the rights of the song.

Shot Types Used

Extreme Long Shot – Establishing Shot

1 extreme long shot.PNG

Long Shot – Establishing Shot


Wide Shot


Low Angle Long Shot


Focus Shots –  close up



Over the shoulder Shot – Medium Shot


Extreme Close up


Medium Shot


Medium Shot


Following shot


Tilting Up Low Angle


Close Up



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