Entry Nine – Pre-Production Recce Shots and Shot List

Promotional Video

My promotional video will not use a standard storyboard due to the chaotic nature of working in retail and the uncertainty of how shots are going to fall.  My shot list is a list of requirements that my finished project will need.  In order to maintain a level of realism I will attempt to follow Iceland through a single day from early morning into the night following several of the workers and what they are doing.  When one worker finishes their shift, I will move to another one.  My aim is to tell a story through visual means with no audio other than the musical track in the background and with minimal text.  I would compare it to a fly on the wall style of documentary.  I also want the promotional video to be fast paced so I will be looking to infuse different elements of picture in picture transitions into the video.

Recce Shot Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Shot List

Day 1

Rathcoole Estate, establishing shots

Store Opening

Chilled Shutters going Up

Bread delivery

Replacing Defrosts

Cleaning shots of Checkouts

Cleaning shots of floor (Low Angle)

Checkouts 1

Checkouts 2

Checkouts 3

Zoe Sign


Lunchroom and Tea

Wall of Memories

Day 2

Van Driving during day

Loading of Home Deliveries




Shutters going up

Shutters going down

Iceland exteriors

Checkouts Closed

Inside basket shot

Day 3

Following Shots of workers

Facing off

Security Guard

Shot of Road while inside van

Inside  back of Van, doors opening

Shot of each aisle

Doing the Bail

Replacing checkout Roll

Home Delivery being taken to house


Main Cast

Donna McCartney

Christopher McKinney

Matthew Gorman

Nicola Taggart


Sharon Hunter

Julie Christie

Yvonne Ashe

Georgina McErlean



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