Entry Ten – Film Techniques and Extra Client Brief

The Mannequin Challenge

When I was given permission to film a promotional video for Talking Shop Iceland, I was also required to create a separate video for my store for an incentive.  This involved detailing out a one minute video in the style of the popular Mannequin Challenge.


This also allowed me to test out the camera equipment I was using, and to see how staff members in the store reacted to being filmed.  In this video every member of staff is required to stay completely still while the camera pans around them.  For this exercise we were limited to a one minute time frame while moving around the entire store.  This restriction meant that I had to be creative in my approach to the short video.  To do this between shots of the workers and customers (Workers dressed as customers), I would speed up the footage.  This created a cool fast zooming effect.


The video also requirements such as including Store POS and at least three items from our new Christmas Luxury range.  We set this up in three stages.

The first stage was the shop floor showing customers fighting over a Turkey Joint and also showing a customer enquiring over several of our new dessert lines.  Due to the fact we had ten people to create this video with, some roles required people to double up and move behind the camera while it was rolling in order to get into place.

The second stage was out the back and up the stairs.  While the footage in the finished video looks seamless that is anything but the case as this is made up of three different shots but transitioned together extremely well due to the camera movement.  At one stage a simple cross fade is use so that even the most keep eye can be fooled that we are completely moving to another part of the building.  In this stage we also showcase some of the information provided by Deeside.

The Third Stage does not have a graceful transition because we are moving right back onto the supermarket floor.  Here we can see the completed story arc for the turkey as well as cashiers processing the customers out.  The Manager Neil Garwood holds the door open with two purposes, so that I can move outside but also to keep any unaware customers out because this shoot was done after the store was closed.

First Edition

Second Edition

We were told that the advert needed to be even shorter, so we just cut out the second stage.

While I do like the longer version better, what the client wants the client gets.  Our talking shop representative Donna McCartney posted it to the Iceland Talking Shop Group where it received over a 110 likes from across the company.













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