Entry Twelve – Post Production

Premiere Vs Vegas

For this assignment I have chosen to opt out of using Adobe Premiere and instead use Sony Vegas.  I use Vegas because I have more experience with the program and it can do many more effects without having to switch programs.  It is just more efficient and allows a higher amount of manual control over key framing video transitions, has a cleaner interface, and I have a built up library of plug ins that I have gathered over the years. Having said that if I was using a heavy amount of Adobe After Effects I might have used Premiere as those two programs work well together.


My project makes heavy use of markers (Over 110 markers) and I started getting error messages in Premiere so I immediately switched back to Sony Vegas where I can rename every single marker and know most of the short cuts I use to jump right to them.  Premiere requires you to use other pieces of software in order to gain full use of the program whereas Sony Vegas comes with all of the functions built in.


This project is 4:53 Seconds long and uses 13 Different Media Tracks.  Text titles are used twice.  My multi-screen picture in picture sequences appear five times with at least three different perspectives;

Number 1 – Showing the Arrival of Supervisor Matthew, Milk Delivery, Milk Unloading, and Grocery Delivery.


Number 2 – Showing Sharon, Julie, and Matthew on checkouts, while the last screen shows how busy the last Aisle is.


Number 3 – Shows Supervisor Chris working in the Freezer, Matthew breaking down the delivery, and David loading the Iceland Delivery Van.


Number 4 – Julie on Checkout, Kyle working on the floor, and Karl putting away a defrost.


Number 5 – David packing shelves, Nicola putting down the loading bay shutter, and Emma in the Chiller.


Key Frames and Masking


Masking allows me to take any part of the clip and keep it in the video without using the rest of the scene.  This allows me to slot together clips without distorting them by changing the aspect ratio.  These can also be completely key framed.

key frames.PNG

Using Key Frames I manually created every transition in the video by timing and moving the frames around.


After getting these two sequences to match they form together to create the Fargo/24 Effect and transition.




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